About Me

Welcome to the résumé and portfolio site for Amy Colman. I am a Project Manager and Technical Account Manager with 17 years of experience delivering and supporting web design, web development and SaaS projects. I’m a highly self-motivated, detail-oriented and organized individual with a proven ability to work effectively in a remote setting. I can be counted on to:

  • Take ownership of accounts and work jointly with internal and external resources to verify requirements, solve problems, achieve customer deliverables, and just get things done
  • Proactively communicate with clients to ensure the best possible experience with products and services, create upselling opportunities, and maintain strong, harmonious relationships
  • Identify and accurately translate client requirements for system integration projects, custom development, and feature enhancements
  • Balance team schedules and manage client deliverables to keep projects on time and within budget
  • Achieve expert-level understanding of company software and services, and stay abreast of advances in technology in order to demo features and provide best practices consultation

My strengths in coordination and communication, along with my ability to thrive as a hub for cross-functional teams are just some of the unique assets I offer.

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Email: amy@kettrick.com
Phone: (503) 804-7494